Real Estate Services for Seniors

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Age in Place? or Downsize?

In evaluating your options, you can decided to Age in Place OR take the plunge and downsize.

One of the benefits of you downsizing now is you do not leave all of your accumulations for your loved ones to determine what to do with them.

You, of course, want to ask your family members what items they might enjoy having.

Overcoming Emotional Blocks

- Cherished Memories
- Neighbors
-Overwhelming - Years of Accumulation

Deciding Where To Go

-Close to Family
-Close to healthy care providers
-Out of State? Within your current city?

This is where your Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRE) realtor comes into play. They know many of the senior communities and the pros and cons of them.


- Medicaid - Care Navigator
- HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage)


- Estate Sale
- Dumpster
- Family
- What's Hot and What's Not

Legal Preparation

Selling your home Roadmap

-Under Contract

Seniors have special needs during the process of selling their home.

Moving To Your New Home

- More leisure time to do what you enjoy
- Easier Floor Plan
- Less Falls
- Less Maintenance

A Senior Real Estate Specialist is well versed on many of the seniors common needs and has many resources for you to utilize during the process.

Whenever you are ready, contact me at 303-944-1153.

You'll be glad you did.

Vickie Hall, Realtor, SRES
RE/MAX Masters Millennium